Exciting NEW PAGE in my “Entrepreneurial Journey”

Exciting NEW PAGE in my “Entrepreneurial Journey”

Last week, we (Victor Brunette, a fellow Board Member at the National Capital Commission & a life-long Forester and I) bought about 500 acres of forest land with 100 plus years old trees (about 100 acres of 25-35 years) with rich flora, fauna as well as populated with wild animals (Bears, Deers, Fox, Wolf etc.). The previous owner had arrangements for the Cross-Country Skiing as well as for hunting???

The forest is located in the Quebec side of OTTAWA in rural township of Kazabazua (1 hour away from Ottawa). I am excited that we would also own about 2 Kms. of a large river bed at the edge of the property and also a rivulet of 1.5km passing through middle of the property.

My early 16 years were spent around my village Madhawa and agriculture was central to who we were and what supported and nurtured our family and people around us. My father would have been elated and his joy would have known no bounds if he could have seen that I am able to buy a large forest and the thought I have behind it.

My partnership with Victor Brunette will bring a serious and a very organized forest management. That is what he has done professionally for his entire life. For me, it is part of “Radical Entrepreneurial” venture- to create wealth by helping the Nature and Society at the same time.

Climate change is a serious issue that has awakened the consciousness of even my generation of people around the world. We grew up in social setting and belief that Nature is for us to harvest and benefit from. Today increasingly we believe that we have taken MORE from the Mother Earth and it will have serious consequences for the future generations. Trees have serious importance in fighting Climate Change. In my considered opinion, engaging in radical entrepreneurship is about engaging in such ventures as owning forests and professional management of forests for nature conservation and wealth creation.

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