Invited to the 3rd US Presidential Debate

Invited to the 3rd US Presidential Debate

14701055_10210927918743425_7324785239630865032_oUNIQUE INVITE: Was privileged to be invited to the 3rd US Presidential Debate organized by the Commission on Presidential Debate. My host was AnHeuser Busch corporation (supporters of the event alongside Buffett foundation and others).

Was accommodated in the prestigious Wynn Encore Hotel, fed and feted. Got to meet with other prestigious guests (diplomats, US Congressman, Senators, Speaker of Florida state, CEOs and many).

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing almost all the major anchors of the US media and took photos with Jesse Jackson, Mark Cuban and others. Witnessed an historic event, much more civilized debate than the last two. Hope the Democracy and civility will triumph over the nativist narrative, negativity and vulgar expression of public frustration capitalized by non-serious and insincere demagogue.

Was also interviewed by the BBC Hindi Washington DC correspondent Brajesh Upadhyay (click on the link of BBC for video interview)…

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